Company History

Our Beginnings

WASchickendanzIn the mid-1920's, W.A. Schickedanz moved from selling life insurance in a nearby small farm town to the city of Belleville, Illinois. There he headed up the brokerage operations of an existing insurance agency where he significantly improved the performance of this division. Seeking a more rewarding role, W.A. drew upon his experience and expertise and optimistically formed his own organization in 1930, the W.A. Schickedanz Agency, Inc. On August 31st, 1931, the agency's corporate charter was issued, and by the spring of 1932 the new corporation received its first managing general agency contract with Bituminous Casualty Corporation.

Through the years, the company continued its growth and broadened its contracts with other major insurance providers, building on its reputation as a reliable and customer-serviced based provider in the Midwest for high-risk insurance.

In 1996, the agency purchased Interstate Risk Placement, Inc. in order to extend its reach into the Chicago and northern Illinois territory and in to Arkansas. The merger helped the agency expand its services by utilizing each company's strengths in their various markets. The agency's staff also expanded as a result. Diane Fuller and Rick Sutton, both valued and dedicated employees with Interstate Risk Placement, Inc. became a part of the agency and, still today, continue to be vital to the success of the company.

Company Timeline

1931 W.A. Schickedanz Agency, Inc. was issued its corporate charter
1932 The company received its first managing general partner contract with Bituminous Casualty Corporation
1945 Carl J. Miller, son-in-law to W.A. Schickedanz, joined the company
1968 Carl J. Miller becomes President
1969 Jack Miller, grandson of agency's founder, joins the company
1972 Steven Miller, also third generation, joins agency as an underwriter
1984 Jack Miller becomes President
1996 W.A. Schickedanz Agency, Inc. acquires Interstate Risk Placement, Inc., doubling the company's premium volume and extending its reach into northern Illinois, Chicago and Arkansas.
1998 David Miller, great grandson to W.A. Schickedanz, joins the company as vice president and underwriting manager
2014 David Miller becomes President

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